To contact Dr. Diamond regarding psychotherapy, forensic evaluation, speaking engagements or clinical consultation, call his office at 323 651-1118. Or he can be reached via e-mail at dr_sdiamond@hotmail.com


Dr. Diamond presented a talk on "Post-traumatic Embitterment Disorder: Existential Roots of Anger, Rage and Resentment" at the Third Annual Conference of the Existential-Humanistic Insititute in San Francisco

Dr. Diamond was interviewed on camera regarding the subject of evil for the featurette "Mama's Little Devils" included on the recent Blu-Ray release of the film Orphan (Warner Brothers).

Dr. Diamond appeared on the A&E Biography of murder suspect Drew Peterson, and appeared on A&E's special about the Joran van der Sloot case. Dr. Diamond was interviewed and also appears in the Biography Channel's documentary "Hollywood's Most Notorious Crimes."​  He also appeared onscreen as an expert in television programs about O.J. Simpson and Charles Manson. 

Dr. Diamond discussed demonic possession and exorcism in an episode of the popular television show Taboo on the National Geographic Channel.  

Dr. Diamond was interviewed regarding the "Batman massacre" in Colorado on MSNBC's "The Cycle."   He also was interviewed in several radio programs about the Aurora shootings, as well as several mass shooting incidents since.

Here is a link to a series of interviews with Dr. Diamond conducted in 2014 by Dr. Kevin Boileau in which they discuss the daimonic, evil, and the existential roots of rage--http://www.blogtalkradio.com/epis-radio/2014/05/17/interview-with-dr-stephen-diamond-forensic-psychologist-on-anger

Dr. Diamond presented several seminars at the first World Congress for Existential Therapy at Westminster Abbey in London in May, 2015. (See video.) 

Dr. Diamond presented a public talk and discussion titled "Existential Therapy and Jungian Analysis: Toward an Existential Depth Psychology" at the C.G. Jung Institute, Los Angeles on Wednesday, March 22, 2017, 7:30-9:30 PM. He will also be presenting a 3-hour extended version of this seminar in London, England on Friday, May 26, from 2-5 PM. Please contact The Existential Academy in West Hampstead, London, @ hhttps://www.existentialacademy.com for registration information.  

Click here to view a new video produced by NBC Universal News on exorcism and demonic possession featuring an interview with Dr. Diamond, a Jesuit priest, and a professor of religion from USC.

Click here for an interview of Dr. Diamond from UCLA on anger, violence, and mass shootings.  

For a podcast of a recent interview regarding the "Scrooge Syndrome" broadcast on Christmas Eve 2018, click here. 

Click here for a 2020 podcast with Dr. Diamond as guest discussing sexuality, creativity, and the daimonic.