Welcome to the  website of Dr. Stephen Diamond, clinical and forensic psychologist. As a licensed psychologist (PSY 11404) in Los Angeles,  I primarily provide psychotherapy for individual adults. I have particular interest in the psychology of creativity, evil, trauma, and spirituality as well as existential life crises. Many (but not all) of the patients I see are artists or involved in the arts, film industry, music business, etc. Since 1977, I have specialized  in helping people to deal more constructively with their anxiety, fears, frustration, discouragement, depression, anger, rage, grief, resentment or bitterness, and to live more consciously, meaningfully and creatively in general--whatever their career or role in life. 
., and sometimes testify as an expert witness in criminal cases.
I call my unique approach to treatment developed over the past four decades Existential Depth Psychology--a synthesis of psychodynamic, Jungian and existential therapy. I typically see patients once weekly; twice weekly when indicated and economically practical. Psychiatric referral for psychopharmacology is provided when needed as an adjunct to psychotherapy.

As a forensic psychologist formerly for Santa Clara County Superior Court and the Los Angeles County Superior Court Approved Panel of Psychiatrists and Psychologists, for fifteen years I conducted forensic evaluations of criminal defendants in matters regarding insanity, competency, dangerousness etc., consulted with attorneys, and testified as an expert witness in criminal cases. Currently in addition to my private psychotherapy practice, I serve as the Consulting Psychologist for a private 200+ bed psychiatric hospital, where I conduct conservatorship evaluations, testify frequently as an expert witness in court, and supervise practicum students from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. 

I am the author of a book about angerevil and creativity, as well as various book chapters and articles (see Publications), and write an ongoing blog for Psychology Today titled  "Evil Deeds."   I also provide consultation--both in-person and telephonically or online via video conferencing--to mental health professionals in the theory and application of existential psychotherapy and my own therapeutic approach and am available for training, presentations as well as personal or didactic psychotherapy. Currently, I am only seeing psychotherapy patients via video due to the Covid crisis, and have closed my Wilshire Blvd. office.  One-time clinical consultations via video conferencing to individuals in other states or countries seeking assistance but unable to travel to Los Angeles in person can also be considered when appropriate. 

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